Reluctant Threads Apron Reviews - Read the Raves

While the Reluctant Threads website is new, we’ve been supplying our aprons to chefs, bakers, cooks, artists, gardeners, BBQers, and restaurant kitchens across the country for the last couple of years. Thought you might like to read some of our reviews.
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Ginger Like No Other!

One whiff of this most amazing ginger was all I needed to know how it was going to taste! The ginger I had previously purchased in the supermarket didn’t even bear a resemblance. I add it to my spice rub for chicken and fish and it changed the whole flavor profile, with its pungent, floral quality. And it really wakes up my coconut curries! This will be another
wonderful addition to my collection of Reluctant Trading Experiment spices! Many thanks.

Loved it

The salt cellar is perfect for my needs. It is smaller but that works well as I keep the bulk salt safe. The lid has a tight seal, with the summer coming and bringing humidity a tight seal is needed.
This would make a great gift with some salt to someone who likes to cook.

Best peppercorns!

Best service! Repeat customer. Never failed me. Quick processing!

Salt and Pepper

How have I cooked all of covid without this organic tellicherry peppercorn? The flavor is killer and way better than anything in the supermarket or local farmers markets near me. I also purchased the Icelandic flake sea salt and I LOVE IT! My salt addiction and I have truly been missing out. I have been cooking with less salt and sprinkling this at the end and a little goes a long way. This will be my new housewarming gift to everyone!!

Good pepper

It’s not super hot but it’s tasty

Well worth the $$

We bought both sized grinders for salt and pepper - well worth the money. The grinders are smooth and my wife abd I look forward to using them every time we cook.

Smoky peppery goodness

My new favorite peppercorns! Fantastic pepper flavor with just the right amount of smoke. Wonderfully fragrant when ground.

So Good

The black pepper is delicious, fresh and full of flavor.
Try it you will love it

A noticeably tastier Chai.

This Chai reviewed by me periodically. Always consistent fun and tasty experience whether taste additive to a traditional pot of tea, or traditional "chai" preparation.

The stuff dreams are made of

I purchased the Icelandic sea salt and whole peppercorns. I used them to season a ribeye. I always use S&P to season my steaks yet this S&P had a unique taste and helped create one of the best steaks I’ve cooked. The texture of the salt was great and the flavor of both S&P was excellent. I dreamt about that steak for a couple of days, all because of the S&P. I will only be seasoning with these moving forward. I look forward to trying it on other foods.

Nice mill

Pretty, grinds well.

The Best!

I have loved everything I have purchased!

Wonderful curry powder

We like yours the best

Full bodied and flavorful pepper

This pepper has a round and rich flavor without the sharp edges of black peppers I can recall. This Tellicherry pepper is my main everyday black pepper in my grinder which I can use at 4 different grind settings and like them all in their way. I have had Amazon bought Tellicherry for much less money and it wasn't as good. I haven't tried other connoisseur Tellicherries so I am not an aficionado on expensive pepper but I have used a lot of pepper throughout my life and I am not a spring chicken. Give it a try and see what you think.

The Best. Period.

These peppercorns knocked my socks off! The most aromatic, fresh and tasty pepper ever! So happy I bought from Reluctant Trading!

Beautiful Product

I love this apron! Very well made and extremely comfortable. The costumer service is excellent as well!

Best Chai on the Market I have found.

I have tried many different types and brands, and this one is the best. Keep it up!


It was authentic.Price was a bit high.

Peppercorns worth the hype

I didn't think there would be a big difference between these peppercorns and the ones you can easily find in stores, but I was wrong. My husband and I were recently gifted the book Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden who recommends these. Without hesitation, we ordered them and a pepper mill from Fletchers' Mill. The pepper is complex and elivates everything we put it on. There's no going back to other pepper. This is worth every penny.


Takes Black Pepper to a whole new level. Fresh and full of flavor. makes every dish special. Thank you!

Very Useful SAlt Cellar

These are very useful and have a small footprint allowing one to stack them or place them side-by-side. I have two different salts always on hand and these keep me organized and take up little space on my counter.


I am very happy with this purchase. I have purchased one of these sets for my self and a second one as a gift. I would highly recommend not only this gift set but any product from Reluctant Trading

Had To Have Them

I’m so in love with these grinders....I am glad I purchased...they work well and look so unique!

Salted pepper berries

Loved the salted pepper berries and will order again!!! I have used them on everything and they are so flavorful!

Wow, Vroom Vroom coffee is amazing and made all the better by Scott's wit, charm and general joi...

Love the coffee, totally vroomy. Love the story, the packaging, the graphics, and that cute as a button authentic drip maker. And....thanks for the reminder email about how to get the perfect reminded me that you don't want the grind too fine....or you'll wait a long time!