Reluctant Threads Apron Reviews - Read the Raves

We’ve been supplying our aprons to chefs, bakers, cooks, artists, gardeners, BBQers, and restaurant kitchens across the country for the last several years. Thought you might like to read some of rave reviews.
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I am extremely impressed by the work these aprons have been threaded. I seriously love these aprons. This is the best I've worked with within this profession.

Best apron

I love the aprons amazing craftsmanship outstanding job going buy more!!!!!!

really good Aprons

Very good quality and price

Beautiful Craftsmanship!

So thankful that I found this company. The Aprons are well made and I cannot wait to put them to work!

Love my new apron!

I’m so happy with my new apron! I’d been getting bombarded with ads for a different, dare I say overpriced, brand when I discovered Reluctant Threads. Shipping was fast and quality is awesome.

Great apron

This is probably the best chefs apron. I’ve purchased in a while. I plan to get a few more. Well crafted great price good material and looks great! I’m going to try to get my chef team to purchase them so that we look like one big family. And I work for a big company with over 20 locations and it would be great to have every chef team wearing the same aprons.

Great apron

Great apron for the price.
Wish they made an apron with reinforcement where the ties connect to the apron. That’s where i always have issues

Great apron. Fits well. Washes well.

Love the Aprons

Wore two of the aprons this weekend cooking in Savannah and the fit and functionality were both great.

Cross-Back Chef Apron, 2-Tone, Tan and Navy, Men or Women

Great Quality!

First time buyer from this company and I must say aprons feel and look amazing. The quality is there and they feel durable. I can’t wait to try more aprons from reluctant threads!

Owner of Zudy’s Cafe in Seward. Alaska

Love apron hope to get a few things embroidered on the front. I have a restaurant so it will be seen by many folks. My hubby is a carpenter so when he saw my new apron he thought it was a shop apron like woodworkers use. Heeheee funny guy. 🌺mahalo

Gnarly Apron!!!

I don’t typically purchase aprons with pockets, but the aesthetics of the apron (aside from the pockets) got my attention. The quality of the fabric is nice and durable. The pockets do seem to be on the bigger side. The straps wrap around nice. Overall, it’s a far out apron. 4.5 stars.

P.s Once we get our restaurant up and running I’ll be reaching out for bulk purchase.
(Maybe a pocketless style one in the future?)

Great apron!

I came across this company through an Instagram ad, thought I’d order one to see. I’ve got aprons from H&B and Cayson, and this apron can definitely hold its own. LOVED that they offer short sizes, and the blue color was beautiful and rich. It is made very well and the fabric is high quality without being too thin or too bulky. The ties are nice and soft and don’t feel stiff. Also love the stripe detail on the side pocket. The apron was packaged really nicely(you can feel the quality as soon as you touch it) and I immediately recommended the brand to my coworkers. It’s been washed several times now and I just lay it flat to dry. Quality apron, great price point, all around great purchase! Waiting on a restock of the burgundy.

Gotta Catch 'em All!

This is now my second cross back from reluctant threads. The quality for price they provide is unmatched. I honestly want more! Unfortunately not all options are available with the cross back. I also wouldn't mind a screen printed something.

Better then competitors

I’ve used aprons from ample amounts of company’s and these by far beat all the competitors at a beyond reasonable prices I can’t say anything more then I absolutely love these aprons and won’t purchase anywhere else

Cross-back chef apron

This is the best apron ever! The range of the adjustable straps ensures a perfect fit. I can’t wait to get more for my team.

Great Quality

The two size options are great


Top quality aprons, I have been in the industry for a long time. I’ve used all sorts of aprons. These ones actually look as good and work better than they are described! Stays in place when tied and doesn’t slip off your shoulders.
Machine wash and all the stains come out of the super soft fabric.
Thank you Reluctant Threads!

Cute cute cute

We ordered these for a food tradeshow for all of our staff to wear. The quality is excellent and they feel cool and well-made and a little chef-y. Perfect. We had our logo heat transferred onto the pocket and it turned out beautifully. Highly recommend!

Classic Chef Apron, Charcoal Black with Black Straps, Men or Women

Beautiful apron at a great price!

Beautiful, well-constructed apron made with quality fabric. Customer Service is also exceptional. My first order was somehow “lost” and not delivered by USPS during the holidays. I contacted Customer Service, and they sent a replacement the very next morning without any hassle. I’ll definitely be ordering more aprons in the future, as well as, spices and other products from Reluctant!

Great quality apron

Great quality apron & reasonably priced. Love the color variety & definitely beats H&B!

Gift for my son

He loves the apron. Told me it’s awesome. Very happy!

quality and style

well made. standard size fits my husband who is 6ft tall perfectly. nice colors. tight stitching. made a great gift!