Reluctant Threads Apron Reviews - Read the Raves

While the Reluctant Threads website is new, we’ve been supplying our aprons to chefs, bakers, cooks, artists, gardeners, BBQers, and restaurant kitchens across the country for the last couple of years. Thought you might like to read some of our reviews.
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Simply the freshest most aromatic spices ever! If you love to cook the Reluctant Trader is the only place to shop. And their hardware is first rate too.

Great 1st experience

Was not aware of this company until they came up on a google search. I have been looking for a long time for a pepper mill (one that will last!!). When I saw this mill, I knew it was the one, and I LOVE IT! Company was easy to work with and I will be looking at more of their products in the future.

Pure delight!

Stumbling upon this website and their style of communication is a downright pleasure trove of pure delight! I was searching for a gift however I know I will return for other gifts (& maybe something for myself!) after experiencing their high-level of quality and general goodness for all things ✌️


Absolutely blows away my grinders from Williams Sonoma that I paid 2x the price of these for. Solid and well made. Grinder mechanism is perfect and adjustable.


These Square Deal Pot Holders are perfect for my kitchen: they are beautiful (great quality) and have the perfect amount of cushion to protect my hands in the kitchen. Highly recommend.


I have been looking at salt cellars for much higher prices. This one is perfect. Tight seal, easy to open and big enough to get good pinches. I like that it is short, less bumping. The bottom design is great as when I do bump it it wobbles back into place. Will be purchasing for gifts.

Delicious, top-of-the-line restaurant quality fish dish

Marinated chilean sea bass in Spicy Fish Seasoning Blend No. 1 from Reluctant Trading for a couple of hours. Pan fried the fish on high heat, skin side down first to a crispy layer, then flipped it for another sear on the other side. Served it with Atul Kochaar’s Malabar Prawn Curry sauce (see YouTube) on top (sans prawn). Enjoy!!

a very nice blend

Bought this on a whim...we like chai in our house, and we thought we'd give it a try. Strongly spiced, but you don't feel like you just got socked in the head with pepper and cardamom. Very well-balanced. Stands up very well to plant milks and an added bonus -- makes your tea cabinet smell wonderful. Highly recommended!

Can't Live Without Tellicherry

In the 1980s my husband and I discovered Tellicherry Peppers at Zabar's in Manhattan and we were hooked. It was not a popular item anywhere and often difficult to find in stores, but we managed to buy it over the years. When I first found the Reluctant Trading Experiment on the Internet, I was fascinated by the story of how the company came to be. I was also entertained by the script and photos and videos -- tongue in cheek, silly, hard to believe. I was skeptical, but I ordered. You might have called me a reluctant shopper then, but not now. I purchase Tellicherry Peppers ONLY from the Reluctant Trading Experiment and I have introduced many people to this very special pepper. I use Tellicherry with all my cooking. Fabulous flavor. Many thanks. Martha

Just what I wanted!

This apron is substantial, comfortable, and looks great. The pockets are wide and substantial to put all kinds of things in. I am really pleased with it and planning to give some as Christmas presents at holiday time.

So good!

I’m loving these tellicherry peppercorns! I was pleasantly shocked at how good they smell. And they taste just as great. Highly recommended!

Spicy and Good!

We used on steaks last cooked and it doesn't take a lot to get spicy and good! I use a little less on mine and my husband uses more. Really worth the price and I am really happy with all spices I have purchased from your company! Until I started using your spices I never really put anything on my food. Keep bringing these wonderful seasonings!

Spectacular steak seasoning and spicy fish seasoning

I was thrilled to see that you were offering some new spices and am I glad I tried them! The Montreal Steak seasoning has a wonderful complex flavor which really complemented my beautiful grass-fed rib eye steak.
I normally only need to add salt and pepper (yours of course), after a quick sear but this steak seasoning truly enhanced an already fabulous product. I have used the spicy fish seasoning on shrimp and also on
salmon and both were spectacular, beautifully blended
Spices with just the right amount of heat.
Thank you, once again, for your super fresh, uniquely
delicious spices which have transformed all the food I prepare.

The best out there

I like the Tellicherry variety and this one from Reluctant Trading is the best. The aroma and taste are amazing. This time I ordered 2 one pound sizes. I don’t want to run out so soon!

Great peppercorns, great company!

I love supporting a little company that is supporting other little companies in the world!

Not so reluctant to buy great pepper from you. The best!

Telilcherry taste test

My husband and I did a taste test with tellicherries from three different providers. One was Happy Belly, one from and the third from you. We thought the Happy Belly one was great, but after tasting yours, it won hands down. Not only was it super fresh, the taste was almost floral like.

You will be our go-to source from now on.

THE best little pepper grinder

This is hands down THE best pepper grinder I have found. I liked the first one so much that I ordered another--one for the table and one for cooking at the range.
Delightful company to deal with and superb service!


Never did I think pepper could transform a dish. The Tellicherry whole black peppercorns give any dish an amazing depth of flavor. I recommend to any one looking to really elevate there dish’s.

I feel like a pro!

I have never had a 'real' apron before. Besides the fact that I 'm no longer covered in flour or splattered sauces, I just feel more confident in my new apron!! The cross back is very comfortable, no pulling on my neck and I'm crazy about the ability to adjust the straps. This is a fantastic apron, it makes me smile every time I put it on. Thank you

Lovely cellar and tasty salt

I love the salt cellar, it both blends into the other stuff on my counter while being of such good quality to stand out. The salt is tasty as well. Highly recommended.


With pepper being my favorite spice of all spices this pepper has just the perfect amount of smoke flavor. Always add it to my bbq, sloppy joes, burgers and chicken for the grill among other foods. Give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Love the aroma and taste. Will definitely order more! I bought the smallest size but I instantly regretted that I didn’t buy a bigger one.

Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004, Restaurant Variety