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Reluctant Threads Apron Reviews - Read the Raves

We’ve been supplying our aprons to chefs, bakers, cooks, artists, gardeners, BBQers, and restaurant kitchens across the country for the last several years. Thought you might like to read some of rave reviews.
Based on 746 reviews
Absolute joy of an apron!

Reluctant Threads did what few companies ever do; they towed that thin line between value and quality. The apron is made of high-quality material and provides everything I need in a professional kitchen from coverage across the torso, hips, and legs, convenient sharpie and pen access, to straps that are comfortable and grippy, which ensures they stay in place throughout my shift. So happy with the purchase that I told my wife I needed to add a new color to the rotation, which at that point would bring my total for two Reluctant Threads aprons to what other companies charge for one of theirs. I highly recommend their chef's apron for anyone from home cooks to caterers to pro chefs.


The Café loves working with Reluctant Threads. The website is easy to navigate, products are high quality, and customer service is outstanding.

Timeless styling and great vibe!

Great color, design, and usefulness! You seem like laid back, sort of wry people behind this design, so that adds a lot to it. I do some social media modeling so you may see me in this apron!

Cross-Back Chef Apron, Olive with Tan Straps, Men and Women


Great color and I love the little details liked the striped tag on the pocket, and the khaki straps. Nice durable material but soft and not too heavy and not too stiff at all.

Best purchase ever

I’m a private chef in Lake Tahoe and essentially live with an apron on, and the cross back style has literally changed my life, I’m so glad to not have something yanking on my neck. Thank you, these are beyond affordable too, I’m going to order more!

Best apron

This apron is very substantial and stylish. I saw a coworker with this dual tone apron and decided to get it and was very pleased even impressed with the quality. I love the deep pockets and get a lot of compliments on it, frankly.

My team loves them!

We decided it was time to upgrade from cheap synthetic aprons to something more sturdy, and these aprons are superior to any I’ve worn in the past! Wider straps mean better comfort and less slip in the knot, attention to detail in the pocket stitching means less wear and tear, all of the details just make for a better experience!

Ich liebe die Schürze. Ich wünschte, ich hätte mehr

Our new aprons

I really love the apron. It's durability and the color

Beautiful, comfortable, functional! It gets lots of compliments from guests.

Wonderful High Quality Apron!!

I took a wonderful cooking class with WInd and Rye in Penngrove and guest Chef Preeti Mistry. The owner Laci of Wind and Rye provided us with your wonderful aprons and mine needed to be replaced at home so I ordered one. I love it! It is the nicest apron I have ever had. I intend to purchase more as gifts for my culinary friends! Thank you!

Live color combination.
Heavy textile so doesn’t look cheap.

NYC Felice's

We have been a loyal Threads customer and always satisfied with quality and support!
Thank you to the whole team!

Love it

I had a few failed attempts with other brands finding an apron that fit appropriately and functioned easily. Finally found it here. It fits me great, easy to put on and off and was surprisingly inexpensive.

So Comfortable

I looked around for a reasonably priced, well made, crossback apron because around the neck aprons were becoming unbearable. I am very happy with my choice. It is sturdy cotton fabric but not stiff and very well made. The crossback style is so much more comfortable and easy to adjust. I am VERY pleased I found Reluctant Threads!

Best aprons for everyday use . They wash well and look as new for a long time . I’m a fan of this product; well made and right piece.

Super comfortable

I spend much of the day in an apron and these cross backs I find to be very comfortable - i like not having the strap across the back of my neck

Awesome aprons and fast delivery!

We were stoked to find these aprons. They are perfect in every way. We are jsut getting our new business off the ground and wanted to set the bar pretty high. So glad we found these. We will be ordering more.

Very well made. Now I want another one!

Best apron I’ve ever had

Honestly, I’ve never given much thought to aprons; what makes one good Vs. bad or even what looks nice. This apron feels well made and it looks very flattering on me (my wife agrees IYKWIM).

So it’s 5 stars from me. It looks well, feels very comfortable and seems well made.