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Reluctant Threads Artisan Made Restaurant Aprons


Click, Clack. Click, Clack.

That’s the sound of the handloom. Wood on wood. Feet pushing pedals. Ropes whipping about. These are not run of the mill aprons.

Our fabric is handwoven on wooden looms built over 100 years ago by skilled artisans in my partner’s hometown.

Our aprons are made in a small tropical city named Kannur, on the southwest coast of India. That’s where Mr. Divakar lives, my friend and partner for almost 20 years. 

Quality Aprons Reluctant Threads

I knew Divakar from old company, a Crate and Barrel partner named The Land of Nod. That's how I met Divakar - aka Mr. D. 

Today, Divakar is also my spice partner in The Reluctant Trading Experiment. You might say that the warp and the weft of our lives is tightly woven. You can read our full story here. 

Like a shuttle returning on the loom, we’ve come back to making textiles again.

The skilled artisans in the photos have been making fabric on these looms their entire lives. Power looms go to bed at night dreaming of creating fabric like this. 

Click, Clack. Click, Clack.