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Apron Fabric Comparison

Compare our 100% cotton aprons and our wrinkle-resistant poly-cotton aprons. See which ones are right for you and your team.

100% Cotton Aprons Wrinkle Resistant Poly-Cotton Aprons
Wrinkles Wrinkles can be minimized by following a few easy tips while drying. Wrinkle resistant even if left in a hot dryer for full cycle.
Fabric 100% Cotton 55% Polyester - 45% Cotton
Apron Weight Our 100% cotton aprons are a medium weight cotton canvas and very breathable.

Classic Bib, Std. Size: 11.4 oz
Cross-Back Bib, Std. Size: 11.75 oz
Bistro Middly: 7 oz
Bistro Shorty: 6.75 oz
Our poly-cotton aprons are lighter weight since they aren't as breathable as 100% cotton.

Classic Bib, Std. Size: 9.1 oz
Cross-Back Bib, Std. Size: 9.4 oz
Bistro Middly: 5.75 oz
Bistro Shorty: 5.25 oz
Upper Pocket Design Single pocket, divided with stitch Single pocket, no divider.
Lower Pocket Design Two roomy lower pockets separated by center stitch. Two roomy lower pockets.
Style Choices Classic Bib, Cross-Back Bib, Bistro Longy, Bistro Middly, Bistro Shorty Classic Bib, Cross-Back Bib, Bistro Middly, Bistro Shorty
Size Choices Standard, Shorter, Tall, Grand Standard
Apron Color Choices Many Charcoal Black, Olive, Blue Denim

Please note these colors are not an exact match to the same colors in our 100% cotton aprons.
Color Vividness 100% cotton colors are always richer and more vivid than Poly-Blend colors due to how cotton absorbs color and the weaving process. Poly-Cotton colors are not as vivid as 100% cotton aprons. These colors are not an exact match to 100% cotton.
Strap Color Choices Many White
Texture Lots of texture Much less texture than 100% cotton
Softness Soft to the touch after multiple washes Much softer than most poly-cotton aprons. Not quite as soft as 100% cotton.